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Poetry for the strong willed.


Locked up tight, never let out to see the light.
Images of your face, twisted and wrinkled.
Wishing this memories could be erased.
Memories of your love, and memories of your hate.
Why wont all this just dissipate.
Hearing your voice, angry and loud.
Remembering that night, the night that changed us all.
Everything I can remember, is turning in to a blur now.
Slowly forgetting your voice, your face, your name.
You call on the phone, I never answer.
You don't want to talk to me, it's all my fault.
Your locked up tight, living your life in a prison.
Why can't you learn that stuff is poison?
You love it, and crave it.
I'm you're daughter and you hate it.
You regret it, you try to forget it.
Your past you hate it, you hate me I'm your biggest mistake.
I loved you, you were my daddy.
My savior, but also my abuser.
That night I cried.
I cried because your my dad, I cried because you were my enemy.
I cried for you daddy and I cried for me.
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