enigmacyofme (enigmacyofme) wrote in poetry_box,

Pass the Heroin by Me (enigmacyofme)

Pass the Heroin by Me (enigmacyofme)

Closed doors and dirty streets
Thrust out and the drum still beats.
A piece of gum lost and found,
Chewed on and spit out.

This world is not for me,
Dont give me another bad memory.
I want to forget, get to the next,
Page, but they're all burnt out.
End the drought,
End this drought.

Pass the heroin,
I need to give in,
Needle thrust in my skin.

Standing there,
December night sky,
Feeling oh so high.
This moment is rare,
I love it when we fly.

Disorientation and Hypoventilation,
A man without a foundation.
Support me, carry me home,
Don't want to roam the streets alone.

The downfall is massive,
Passivley resitant to this hurt.
Wipe off the dirt,
The glass is stained.
Clear sheet detained.
Power drained.

No way out,
No highway to heaven
So pass the heroin.
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