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</3 And broken hearts do break us down in piece that we lose [13 Feb 2009|03:15am]


The Meltdown [26 Jan 2009|09:06am]

That ice burgh is your safety zone 
What happens when it melts? 
Heads down, your headed for the worst, 
Enjoy your last few breaths. 

Behind your back, throw worthless pennies 
That break the water's glass. 
Splitting hairs with cutting edges 
So sharp that they could kill. 
Mirrors showing what is there, 
Reflecting through your past. 
Of days you wished on those bright stars 
that only fade or fall. 
And rainbow's have no pot of gold, 
because they have no end. 
An endless merry-go(es a)round 
They/To add another quarter.

Judge Me [12 Jan 2009|01:18pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Picked apart and laid out flat on a canvas
will you judge me?
Circled Flaws and post it notes
to point out where im ugly
A circle here, a sticky there
Am i catching you're attention?
a slanted nose, a crooked spine
kindhearted, did you mention ?
They prod and poke a laugh, a joke
Pretty faces turn to cowards
picking apart the painting
without checking other artwork


My Mind is a Litterbox by Me (enigmacyofme) [15 Dec 2008|10:44pm]

My Mind is a Litterbox by Me (enigmacyofme)

My mind is a litterbox,
Spits out images I can not block.
A tapestry of unwanted feelings,
A slight touch and I'm sent reeling.

And I tell myself these lies,
Brainwash my own mind.
But I won't believe it this time.
The only victim to this crime is,

The theft of my soul was not by the devil,
Oh God, no.
Regret, and writings in past tense,
Shadows of the foregone are still imense.

And I tell myself I am pretty,
A gorgeous statue in the park,
Displayed for all to see,
Admire me.

Can not even be honest to myself,
My anima placed on a shelf.
And it rusts.
And it rests.
Till' one day it is undressed,
The layers of dust blown mid west.

Awaken me.
But don't hurt me.
Not sure if I want to realize myself...
Let me live this dream a little longer.
Just two more winks of sleep and I'll get help.
Just two.

Spend or Die. by Me (enigmacyofme) [15 Dec 2008|12:09am]

Spend or Die. by Me (enigmacyofme)

Don't look for money,
Well you're one to talk,
Live for self prosperity.

The local supermarket is waiting for you,
Fulfill your shopping needs.
Money is how it lives and breaths.

Friendly coffee house replaced with Starbucks.
Grocery stores gone for Superstore.
Mega this, Large that, increasing profits is all it's about.

Spend, or die,
You've got to Survive.
Spend, or die,
The banker needs his prize.


Put on your fake smiles,
Polish them well.
Practice your lies.
Please the mademoiselle.

The new thing is out,
Don't need it?
Get it anyway,
Just to have more,
And More,
And More,
Lets Hoard,
Lets Hoard.

SUV's and BMW's,
A life of luxury,
Double the twos,
Lets make four.

Spend, or die,
You've got to Survive.
Spend, or die,
The banker needs his prize.

Pass the Heroin by Me (enigmacyofme) [14 Dec 2008|09:36pm]

Pass the Heroin by Me (enigmacyofme)

Closed doors and dirty streets
Thrust out and the drum still beats.
A piece of gum lost and found,
Chewed on and spit out.

This world is not for me,
Dont give me another bad memory.
I want to forget, get to the next,
Page, but they're all burnt out.
End the drought,
End this drought.

Pass the heroin,
I need to give in,
Needle thrust in my skin.

Standing there,
December night sky,
Feeling oh so high.
This moment is rare,
I love it when we fly.

Disorientation and Hypoventilation,
A man without a foundation.
Support me, carry me home,
Don't want to roam the streets alone.

The downfall is massive,
Passivley resitant to this hurt.
Wipe off the dirt,
The glass is stained.
Clear sheet detained.
Power drained.

No way out,
No highway to heaven
So pass the heroin.

Creative Flow ? [10 Dec 2008|04:28pm]

[ mood | Blazey Dazy ]

I can almost feel the words come at me
awkward and a little heavy
forming into processed little lines
Creative flow is what I live for
waking up at three to write more
No end in sight and no concept of time
I tripped up on a thought and thought less
the ticking of the clock will slow this process
but the peace and quiet doesn't seem to mind
The words begin to taste real sour
crumpled papers build familiar towers
and once again im stuck on that one line
A rush of thoughts curtails the run through
transparent skin, now you can see too
Blood runs down the paper, and now im fine


poem: eating off ribs as if she were meat [07 Dec 2008|07:15pm]

Eating off ribs as if she were meat

Waiting [19 May 2005|08:02pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I answered the phone
Only to hear my mother's cry.
She said you had been gone
All she could say is why.

The first day of school
No daddy to be there
The second day of school
No where to be seen nor heard

Calming her down,
I try not to cry.
My door full of pictures,
Now holes through his eyes.
You should regret your actions,
My memories half gone.

She was so weak,
I had to pull her up to be strong.
I had to be the stone wall,
I took the problems away for her.

They were too young,
Hopefully they can forgive fast.
I knew your heart longer,
My daddy is what you were.

My daddy had done something stupid,
I, His daughter dealt with family problems

Emotions still here,
waiting for my daddy to come back.


I deticate this... To the boy who did me wrong. [17 May 2005|07:12pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Once apon a timeCollapse )



Poetry for the strong willed. [08 May 2005|08:23am]

[ mood | rejuvenated ]

WARNING!: this poem is about my real life and real events and is very sadCollapse )

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Sexy little black poem book [08 May 2005|01:16am]

[ mood | okay ]

introducing....Collapse )

What this shite is all about..Collapse )

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