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Sexy little black poem book

Hey I saw the promotion for this community and decided to join since I love poems and love writing poems so dang much. My name is Tiffany and I'm 15. I live in Salem Oregon or in the U S of A. So yeah that's me for ya. Here's a picture just because!!!

Image hosted by
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P.S. I'm working on getting new pictures I took some today where you can actually see my face but my floppy drive shated out.

Peace, love, GO NAKED!

A poem..

"Pain does a child wonders"

An idea of existence, and unattainable attempts to die.
Kept at a distance, with no more tears to cry.
The pain of a world, weighted on a small child.
The child of a world, a world of a broken child.
With perfect scars, upon it's wrists.
Razorblade scars, it must not subsist.
The help with a suicide wish, using razor-wire.
Scars on it's back from a whip, pools of blood to admire.
A kiss on the wrists, with razorblade lips.
Deceptions from within, seduced by it's beloved bliss.
Another cold hard sin, now the center of interest.
The child is no longer wanted, the desire to inflict pain has dissipated.
Haunted by the memories, the pain the child anticipated.
Nightmares of the past, trying to close off it's mind.
The pain did this child wonders, the child made by man-kind.

of course by your one and only!
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